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    Effective, speedy and high-end intellectual design

    It gives first priority to effectiveness in vertical transport field. In order to fully optimize the service efficacy of the elevator system, FUJI-HITECH elevator fulfills the intellectual managements such as multi-computer, modular and network control etc. through fully computerized intellectual control system. It instantly feeds back the elevator running condi- tions. It provides the passengers with the most efficient gold-collar services.


  • Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

    We choose rare earth material and fully combine coaxial transmission technology and digital variable frequency technology with group computer combined control technology. With less running cost & less energy dissipated.Compared with the ordinary and traditional technology, gearless traction machine can save more than 30% of the energy. Gearless traction machine needs no renewal of lubricant. Without grease pollution, low noise, quiet & natural.


  • Top advanced door operator system

    We apply the advanced WVF variable voltage and frequency control technology on door operation system so as to keep door running smoothly and switch quitely, automatically adjust the most appropriate open/shut speed in every floor so as to guarantee the fine security and relibility. What is more, the self-tuning door load detector increases the sensitivity of the lift door switch. It monitors the vatiation of lift door load in every floor. When it encounters any abnormal resistance, the lift door will be automatically re-opened. The passengers enjoy wondefully in the lift door open and shut.