Elevator maintenance has certain risks, and there are times when the elevator maintenance workers are injured during maintenance. Whether it is a newcomer who is new to the car or a skilled master, please do not ignore the following questions!

    1. When many people cooperate with the elevator maintenance, they must concentrate their thoughts, have a good relationship with each other, and do a good job of coordination.

    2. If you want to open the hall door with a triangular key, be sure to look at the position of the car. Don't take it for granted that the elevator must be in the right position.

    3. When opening the hall door to enter the car top, you can't close the door immediately. First, put the maintenance switch in the inspection file, press the emergency stop switch, turn on the car top light, and close the hall door after the car top is stable.

    4. When exiting the car top, first open the hall door, then reset the car top inspection switch, emergency stop switch, lighting switch, etc., and then close the hall door after arriving outside the hall. (If the person can stand outside the hall and can operate the above switch, he should stand outside the hall and then reset the above switch)

    5. When the car is running, do not let the body explore the outside of the pole. Don't work on the ride.

    6. In the case of the car top, if you encounter the elevator out of control operation, keep calm, you should grasp the things that can be supported, and keep it in a safe place. You can't try to open the door and jump out.

    7. When working in the pit, the safety switch of the pit inspection box should be cut off. When climbing out of the pit, make sure that the hall door is open to open the safety loop of the pit and then quickly climb out of the pit. (If the safety switch can be operated outside the hall, the safety switch should be turned on after the person climbs out of the pit and then closes.)

    8. If it is necessary to short-circuit the door lock to check the elevator door lock failure, always ensure that the elevator is in an inspection state. After the inspection is completed, the door lock must be disconnected before the elevator can be reset to the normal state.

    9. To repair the elevator with emergency equipment, when using the emergency switch, make sure that the hall door is closed to prevent others from falling into the hoistway. If you want to enter the pit, if the door of the first floor is to be opened, you must put a warning sign or special care outside the hall, and do a good job of preventing others from falling into the pit.

    10. When it is necessary to cut off the power supply to overhaul the elevator, the warning sign "Operation is prohibited, closing is prohibited" should be hung. When operating or using a power tool, be sure to take safety measures to prevent electric shock.

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