• Perfect space, noble enjoyment of automobiles

      FUJI-HITECH automobile elevator introduces the well-developed international automobile elevation technology. It has been developed and produced through absorption, transformation, increase of such advanced technology. Pow- erful technical capacity solves the problem of burdened traction system load because of uneven force to elevator car. If it is not solved, it would cause big noise, shaking car. It also optimizes the characteristics of the product series.

      Dual operation boxes design (optional)

      It sets dual operation boxes in elevator car. Driver can operate the elevator without stepping out of the automobile.

      Special display system (optional)

      Special circuit control and display system is conve- nient for drivers inside / outside the elevator car.

      Safety guide device (optional)

      Elevator car sets safety guide device to ensure fine security of both elevator and automobile.

      Front-and- aft opening / closing (optional)

      Car sets front-and-aft opening. It is more convenient for automobile safety, entering into 1 exiting from the elevator car.