• Load goods smoothly and in one step

      FUJI-HITECH Combined with cutting-edge technologies such as elevator engineering technology, powerful drag system and highly strengthened mechanical structure design, it can not only accommodate a large number of goods, but also can operate in various harsh environments, with features of high efficiency, reliability, durability, and accurate leveling, and is widely used in factories, warehouses, shopping malls and other freight places.

      Robust and durable lift car

      High-strength plate bending forming technology ensures that the car is solid and durable. In addition, the company's specially designed anti-collision guardrail can be selected to provide multiple protection for the car.

      Large door opening distance

      Multi-fold hall car door is adopted to achieve the maximum opening width and facilitate the access of large goods.

      Highly accurate leveling

      Leveling accuracy can be controlled within the range of millimeter level.

  • CH-H3001


  • HT-K001